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Meta-luban Repair Center

Chicago, US

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Year founded 🗓






hashboard repair (1-5 chips)-$125
hashboard repair (6-9 chips)-$139
control-board repair-$62
PSU repair-$129
fan repair-$13

Please negotiate separately (more than 20 miners)


Repair Details




S9 series,S11 series,S15 series, S17 series, S19 series, E series, L series



A. The above prices are all tax-excluded prices.

B. Antminer – 15 days warranty

C. Deformation damage caused by shipping is not waranteed

D. Burnt boards, deformation, and corrosion ones are all difficult-board.Difficult-board has to be negotiated separately

LB Review

Bitcoin mining consumes high amounts of power, making it the top in electricity consumption across the globe. It leads to an argument that it is draining the environment through energy wastage. A single megawatt can sustain about 800 families for a whole year, but in Bitcoin mining, it can last for a few transactions. Bitcoin miners have immensely invested in the industry, thus requiring enough power for their operations.

The Bitcoin mining industry started with single miners, but it has attracted financial giants and big companies who have made it escalate into a powerhouse. Although Bitcoin and power prices are volatile, mining companies do not stop their quest. Advancements in technology focus on adopting green energy into Bitcoin mining.

Let’s focus on the Meta-Luban Repair Center, which provides repair services for Bitcoin mining.


Company Overview

Meta-Luban Repair Center is a newly integrated repair center operating in Chicago. Bitmain officially authorized its operations. The company offers repair services to miners through troubleshooting for problems in equipment.

The repair center is close to Bitcoin miners in Chicago and its environs, thus providing them with timely repairs and advice on how to operate their machines efficiently. Its proximity to Bitcoin miners in Chicago shows its commitment to increasing customer trust and providing a smooth mining environment. The company works in conjunction with Bitmain, making it a trusted entity.


Services offered

Repair of damaged equipment

Meta-Luban Repair Center is committed to offering consultancy services to its customers to solve mining problems. Mining machines are prone to damage due to their intensity. The company repairs machines through real-time tracking and provides answers within seven working days. Services offered by the repair center stand the test of time and contribute significantly towards Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies.



The company offers high-quality accessories from reputable companies across the world. Suppose a customer wants to use a second-hand accessory to repair equipment or machinery. In that case, the repair center ensures the accessory is perfect by conducting a series of quality checks to ascertain its functionality. If a customer prefers a brand-new accessory, Meta-Luban Repair Center will order it from the most preferred manufacturer.


Upgrading of systems

Upgrading software for mining machines is available with the company. Engineers have all the required upgrade solutions in the market and offer them to customers at a price.


Mode of payment

The company accepts three payment modes: bank transfer, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The company is open to integrating other secure payment methods in the future.

Charges vary from one service to another, and complex tasks attract a higher fee than simple repairs. Customers sometimes pay high prices for specialized repairs that require extra attention compared to routine maintenance.


Hosting services to Miners

Chicago is one of the areas where the mining industry continues to grow. Most miners lack places to install their machines, thus giving Meta-Luban Repair Center in Chicago an opportunity to provide hosting services to the miners. The stores have enough space to house ASIC machines and guarantee miners enough electricity.

The company charges its clients a considerable amount of electricity consumed. Miners have absolute control of their ASCI devices, and the host cannot retain any device provided clients fulfilled their part of the bargain. The hosting sites offer a peaceful environment to their clients and ensure all equipment is secure.


Consultation services

Some solutions are easy when delivered remotely through zoom or video call. Customers can call, text, or use live chat to get real-time help from the experts. Consultation services can be free, and others can be charged depending on their magnitude.

Customers are free to enquire about solutions through the website by filling in the model of the machine and an accurate description of the problem the Bitcoin mining machine is facing. Professionals will look at the inquiry and provide the necessary help.  



Meta-Luban Repair Center in Chicago engages in the repair of miners and mining machines designed by different companies and the selling of accessories. Bitmain heavily contracts Meta-Luban Repair Center to perform repairs on its machines operating in Chicago. Commencing the company’s services in Chicago influenced miners’ performance.

Bitcoin mining is on the rise, attracting many enthusiasts in the market. The procedure of minting coins is tedious and consumes enormous amounts of power. Bitcoin mining machines face damage due to the intensity of work, thus requiring the services of Meta-Luban. The company offers adequate services to its clients, including repairs, consultancy, and hosting mining components.

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