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Pennsylvania, US

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Pennsylvania, US

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We are an elite team of mining professionals with a coveted track record of successfully constructing and operating some of the largest mining operations in the world. Verakari specializes in locating, building and operating state of the art data centers.

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Our data center has redundant internet connections to provide maximum connectivity. We have smart switches that give us live stats on the current operations. With customized software, we have one of the best uptimes in the entire industry.

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Verakari: A Visionary Bitcoin Mining Company


Verakari is a bitcoin mining company offering container and hosting services in the United States. The company made its debut in 2021, offering bitcoin mining services in Pennsylvania, US.

Verakari boasts a small elite team of professionals with coveted track records in constructing and operating some significant mining operations. The network offers many services, mostly connected to locating and building top data centers.


What Services does Verakari Offer?

To provide hosting options to investors with utmost ease, Verakari offers different services for bitcoin miners. The mining hosting services include;


Equipment Supply

While offering mining hosting, Verakari’s initial step is simply supplying the necessary equipment. This platform can deliver the equipment to mining-related data centers. However, they also sell equipment to individuals acquiring the mining hosting service.


Equipment monitoring

At the very heart of Verakari’s hosting services is the commitment to take care of equipment. The network claims to have state-of-the-art equipment monitoring. Moreover, Verakari also leverages proprietary software to help constantly monitor your equipment.


Regular diagnostics

Aside from constantly monitoring equipment, Verakari also has a team of specialists charged with maintenance works of the platforms. The experts carry out regular equipment diagnostics to ensure they run efficiently. The diagnostics include thermal imaging, software management, and even general cleaning.



The third offering from Verakari is the internet. Verakari also claims to have lots of redundant internet connections. As such, the miners will enjoy good internet for mining. Due to their full-time internet, Verakari has smart switches that help provide live operations stats.


The Hosting and Facility Details

Verakari has its requirements and attributes associated with its hosting services. The network’s hosting details are as follows;



This hosting facility is still very young and hence supports very little power. When writing this report, Verakari was only supporting 10MW in power. The minimum rate of power is $0.09/kWh. This rate is relatively high compared to others who charge as low as $0.07.


Minimum Order Quantity

Verakari requires the miner to purchase a minimum of 10 machines. Many other platforms have an MOQ of just one miner. As such, Verakari’s requirements are too high for miners with less capital.


Hosting Options Available

Verakari combines both SendHost and BuyHost mining hosting options for investors. SendHost users can purchase their miners and send them to Verakari for hosting services. On the other hand, BuyHost users can order directly from Verakari, and the network will complete the hosting.


Additional Fees

The Verakari platform charges only one class of additional fees, i.e., Setup. Other platforms charge both setup and deposit fees. However, Verakari focuses mainly on setup fees – the costs involved in installing the equipment.


Service Locations

Based in Pennsylvania, this platform offers services to neighboring regions. Verakari offers services in Pennsylvania. However, according to their web page, the platform is working on introducing services in Ohio and Wyoming.


Virtual Mining Tour

Before selecting Verakari’s mining solutions, you can look at their virtual tour of the mining facility. The tour will help you make a more informed decision concerning using the platform’s mining hosting services.


The Milestones

On their web page, Verakari boasts of hitting several milestones in their service delivery. For instance, Verakari has already constructed over 12 mining operations. Moreover, Verakari deployed over 137 thousand bitcoin miners, and the total value of their mining operations is about $155 million.

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