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Sunbreak Electronics

Oregon, US

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Oregon, US

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Sunbreak Electronics LLC was originally started as JeffColo in 2014. We expanded in 2017 to our present facility and we specialize in hosting Internet carriers, hyperscalers, content providers, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency infrastructure.

Hosting Details

Min. rate ($/kwh)


Min. order quantity (MOQ)


Hosting options


$100/Machine or $1200/Rack Setup Fee. Direct utility customers will have to provide a deposit equivalent to 2 months usage to the utility. The utility will refund the deposit after 1 year if your account remains in good standing. Small customers paying by the kW-month are required to pay quarterly or semi-annually.

Plug and Play Repairs (Fans, Hashboards, Control Boards) Our wholesale customers are billed directly by the utility. You only pay for the power you use. Utility rate ~$0.05/kWh. No sales taxes on power or equipment shipped to our facility in Oregon.

Facility Details

Size (MW) ⚡️


Cooling system(s)

AirFlow, Other

Building type(s)

Warehouse, Other

Evaporative cooling used

Steel construction

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