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Based out of North Dakota, we operate facilities throughout the United States using recycled natural flare gas that is otherwise burned into the atmosphere. Our approach is simple, add a step in the wasted flare gas lifecycle by creating the most viable decentralized financial asset in the world, Bitcoin.
In the coming year, we will have 10+ MW of capacity becoming available, so keep an eye out for some sustainable off-grid hosting opportunities with us!
Sales and marketing entails all models of ASIC miners with sensible US based pricing and supply while accepting payment using credit cards and in the future, crypto based escrow services via MEROV payment systems.
Our newest line of products will be our best yet, including the “Shush Miner” sound-proof box and immersion solutions from dielectric fluid to housing tanks and dry coolers.
We are also been featured on multiple substantial YouTube channels such as “YourFriendAndy” and “SpaceDesignWarehouse”, both helping to illustrate our validity and prevalence. Check them out!

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Crypto mining represents a critical procedure ensuring distributed ledgers operate as intended. Ideally, the process consists of miners who take part in verifying and recording transactions on a blockchain network. Bitcoin miners are then awarded a certain amount of cryptocurrency for verifying and publishing transactions. 

The mining process requires a lot of computing power and energy, and it has become increasingly competitive as more people have started mining digital currencies. This issue led to the development of specialized mining hardware called ASICs, specifically designed for mining and can be much more efficient than regular computers. 

In that case, the following piece hopes to explore Musk Miners, an American-based company that sells ASIC mining machines.


A Brief Overview 

As mentioned earlier, Musk Miners is an American company dealing with professional ASIC sales. Chris Wavra and Blake Greiner in 2017 founded the North Dakota-based entity.

Musk Miners applies natural flare gas to run its facilities in the US. In the simplest terms, this company leverages recycled flare gas energy to generate Bitcoin. The facility plans to increase its energy capacity to 10+MW by 2023. Thus, anticipating miners can expect sustainable off-grid hosting opportunities with Musk Miners.


The Equipment Available

Musk Miners sell different types of bitcoin mining machines. The equipment available on the company’s list includes popular mining brands in the crypto space. Therefore, users can access machines from Goldshell, Bitmain, and MicroBT, to mention but a few. The hardware comes with different price tags depending on the equipment’s brand and overall computation power. 

One can purchase equipment ranging between a minimum and maximum price of $750 and $10,350. Some of the models available on Musk Miners include:


Antminer S19J Pro

The Antminer S19J Pro runs as SHA-256 mining equipment manufactured by Bitmain. This hardware has a maximum hash rate of 104Th/s and can consume up to 3068 W of power. The miner goes for $2,825 as per the company’s prices.


Antminer S19 Pro

The second mining equipment sold by Musk Miners is the Antminer S19Pro. This machine differs from the S19J Pro version because it has a higher hashrate (110Th/s). Additionally, the Antminer S19PRO can consume 3250 W of power using the 110TH/s hashrate. Going by the company’s price, this model is worth $3,650.


Whatsminer M30S+

Whatsminer M30S+ is another mining machine sold by the company. This equipment goes for $2,659 and has a maximum hashrate of 104TH/s. The machine is a product of MicroBT, a technological enterprise that deals with blockchains. 



This equipment is the cheapest mining machine on the Musk Miners list. The KD-BOX PRO goes for $750 and can consume 230 W of power with a 2.6TH/s hashrate. It is a product of Goldshell, an industry that focuses on developing high-performance miners. 


How Payment is Made on Musk Miners

All products found on the company’s profile apply US-based pricing. Customers can purchase any equipment of their choice using credit cards. In the future, Musk Miners hopes to enable digital currency payments through MEROV, an algorithmic trading studio that deals with virtual assets. 

It’s worth noting that the machines’ prices can also vary based on whether the equipment is new or used. For instance, a brand-new Antminer S19 PRO can go for $3,650, whereas a used version can cost $3,343. 


Miner Hosting 

In the context of cryptocurrencies, hosting refers to a designated location that stores ASIC machines. The locations provide a place for installing these machines as the device owners pay for space and electricity. 

Musk Miners uses a similar approach which requires investors to have five minimum order quantities. These five units allow users to book a hosting space for their equipment. The hosting facilities are spread across various states like Louisiana, North Dakota, and Texas.

At the moment, Musk Miners host machines like the L7 and the S19 Antminers in their facilities. Users will also incur 8.5 cents per kilowatt hour to host their devices with the company. 

Ownership of the ASIC devices will stay the same from the buyer to the company once the hosting service is complete. This means buyers will retain ownership of their machines once the hosting requirements are met.



Musk Miners admits that users can sometimes feel stuck during the entire mining process. As such, the company offers consulting services to every user who may be stranded. 

An initial zoom consultation is available for free in the first 15 minutes. After that, customers will pay $150 per hour to receive expert advice on their mining expedition. 


Final Word

Musk Miners mainly specializes in the sale of Bitcoin mining hardware. The US-based company lets users access advanced mining equipment from popular brands like Bitmain and MicroBT. 

In a nutshell, mining is a process that keeps blockchain networks up and running. Nonetheless, this procedure is labor-intensive as it requires substantial energy and computational power. 

Musk Miners alleviates this challenge by offering hosting services to its customers at a relatively affordable rate. Users should therefore be diligent in determining which hosting services meet their needs.

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