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Mining Syndicate

Texas, US

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Texas, US

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As a small miner, Chris became frustrated by the lack of hosting options available for miners with under 100 units. As luck would have it, he found a 2.5MW mining facility for sale right down the road, and thus, Mining Syndicate was born. We now host in 8 different locations across the USA and Canada!

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LB Review

Mining Syndicate Review: A Bitcoin Mining Company For Every Miner


The rising cost of electricity has caused mining rigs to become more expensive, and the computing power required for mining has become unavailable. That led to the creation of platforms such as Mining Syndicate, which aims to provide a variety of bitcoin mining services to everyone.


What is Mining Syndicate?

Chris was a small miner who had been frustrated by the need for more options for miners with less than a hundred units. In 2018, he decided to start a mining company, Mining Syndicate, after finding a 2.5MW facility for sale right down the road. The company now has 4 locations in the US.

The bitcoin mining company aims to strengthen the Bitcoin network by providing low-cost mining equipment to small-scale miners.


Hosting on Mining Syndicate

Mining Syndicate offers bitcoin mining hosting-related services. The company sells whole miners at excellent prices with no minimum order quantities. You can even pay with a credit card.

They also sell as little as 1% of miners for immediate hosting for as little as $50. Aside from a setup fee, electricity is the only fee you pay us. 

In addition, they offer remote monitoring whereby at any given time, you can see how cool or hot your machines are running, how well they are hashing, and more.

Meanwhile, Mining Syndicate allows users to host miners at their bitcoin mining sites in Dallas, Kentucky, and Idaho.


Split Shares

Mining Syndicate also offers split shares whereby one has actual ownership of a real miner. Notably, this is not cloud mining. You will have access to the serial number and data of the miner. Additionally, you receive complimentary access to your dashboard to watch your bitcoin mining machine work in real-time.


How Does Payment Work?

When paying for services, Mining Syndicate accepts credit cards. They also accept wire, pinwheels, and of course, crypto. Notably, payment is required upfront, and prices are locked in once received. Users should note that prices on the website include the CC processing fee.

According to the bitcoin mining company, miners are a commodity, much like gold, corn, or soybeans. The market price of miners moves with the price of Bitcoin. Everyone is subject to market prices, so discounts are very hard to come by. If you plan on ordering 5+ units, Mining Syndicate offers a slight discount. 



You only pay for electricity + a $50 1-time setup fee. Each facility meets stringent criteria to ensure the best experience possible. Your miners sit alongside Mining Syndicate’s.

The minimum rate for the site is $0.09/kWh.


Mining Syndicate Benefits

Mining Syndicate provides impeccable service to its customers. That means you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off, as they have been in operation with good reviews for a while now. 

Miners only have to pay the company for electricity and a $50 setup fee. All their facilities meet strict standards to ensure the best possible experience and their bitcoin mining software is practical and modern.


Final Thoughts

Mining Syndicate is a relatively new company, but its team has extensive experience in various areas, such as investing, customer relations, and business management. You need people who will always provide you with the best possible service.

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