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Our company was started in cooperation with local people, with good natural environment and local relations, and the site has been running stably for more than 1 year.

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The site is located in Luanda, Angola, Africa, where local conditions can meet the needs of most customers.

Only Hydro miners are accepted for hosting.

S19 Hydro, S9 Hydro

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Background information

Electricity is the core ‘ingredient’ aiding in Bitcoin mining. Every miner yearning to make enough profit must focus on reducing the cost of power. In the last few months, Bitcoin miners have faced the challenge of catering for their expenses because of the Bitcoin price drop and the high cost of living.

Revenues have diminished, resulting in other mining firms selling their equipment, mined tokens, and even the mining facilities to acquire enough money to cater for operations. Jose C.J Fernando has come to help Bitcoin miners by advocating for hydro mining.

Hydro mining refers to the use of hydroelectric power to operate machines for Bitcoin mining and water-cooling systems to get profit. Cryptocurrencies use blockchains that require solving multifarious mathematical equations, thus forcing machines to consume vast amounts of power. The number of companies involved in Bitcoin mining continues to increase, thus necessitating the industry to look for efficient ways to reduce costs to maximize profits.

The evolution from single and small-scale mining to large-scale mining leads to massive energy consumption. There will be colossal environmental damage due to pollution and the emission of greenhouse gasses if the industry continues burning energy.

Below, we focus on how the Jose C.J Fernando site can improve mining by integrating S19 hydro and other necessary facilities to run Hydro miners.


Site Overview

Jose C.J Fernando is unique in the market because of its capability to run S19 hydro, and it is furnished with all the appropriate amenities to run Hydro miners. The site has modern aspects of lowering the cost of power, thus maximizing profits.

According to Digiconomist, energy used in a single transaction can serve a household for 1.5 days, while Bitcoin transactions can serve a home for 5.5 days. Integrating S19 hydro will significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed while mining. Therefore, the Jose C.J Fernando site is vital in minimizing power consumption.


Equipment available in Jose C.J Fernando

The site integrates different equipment favorable for Bitcoin mining. It also has an extension unit that will allow the installation of new market mechanisms. Here are some of the major equipment available for use:


Bitcoin mining machine

S19 hydro

Bitmain’s S19 ASIC miners boast a new era of Bitcoin mining. The equipment can stay in use for about 3-6 years. The equipment ensures an efficient conversion rate of more than 95% by boosting energy saving and protecting the environment. A hydro cooling mechanism filled with a cooling solution helps S19 hydro to avoid overheating and enhance performance. It increases the mining speed by ensuring machines maintain consistency and uses the SHA-256 algorithm to provide security. Lastly, S19 hydro firmware is easy to use, faster to execute and reduces any mess that could arise from immersion cooling.



The ANTSPACE HK3 is a sophisticated container designed to house up to 210 S19 hydro units keeping its consumption at about 1MW. It is a mobile system encompassing a Dry-Wet Cooling Tower to aid in heat intemperance. Miners require a minimum of 195 S19 Hydro units in each container to maximize profits.


Bitcoin mining software

Jose C.J, Fernando’s site has the best bitcoin mining software, enabling users to mine bitcoin and other coins easily. The software available on the Bitcoin mining site includes:


The software can automatically detect mining hardware and other features. Bitcoin miners like to use it because of its user-friendly graphical interface, customized for windows computers. People using Mac or Linux systems require further optimization to use the software.



It is the oldest and best Bitcoin mining software in the market, running on an open-source algorithm that can operate on any computer and is compatible with many mining hardware. CGMiner is highly advantageous because its open source can run -Linux, Windows, and Mac computers while integrated with ASIC, FPGA, and GPU. Advanced users feel comfortable using CGMiner compared to rookies.



Jose C.J Fernando offers consultation services to its customers. The management understands the complexities of Bitcoin mining and thus provides consultation services to equip the website users with enough knowledge to mine.

Consultation is through zoom for complex incidences and chat for minor consultations. Customers will pay $140 per hour for specialized mining advice.


Closing remarks

Jose C.J Fernando provides Bitcoin miners a platform to conduct their mining activities while conserving the environment.

Cryptography enables Blockchain technology to remain secure, thus making mining a backbone of cryptocurrency.

The platform Jose C.J Fernando offers customers enough resources to participate in mining. The site ensures its customers use advanced hardware and software while reducing power consumption.

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Mi tto
1 year ago
star rating :

Hello, I’m Alexandre COO at Ymir Children, a project that aims to create a new generation mining farm and give access to the returns of mining to our investors via a dedicated NFT. 
According to our forecasts we will be able to spend around 10MW, we already have a large investor who supports us in order to start the process. 
Visit of the farm,agreement. 
We already have a contact in Angola for bitcoin mining hosting service but would like to talk with you.
Waiting for your news I wish you a nice day.

one sentence description
Contact hosting request 10 MW / Project Ymir Children