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Horizonmining USA, Inc. was founded in 2021. Since its inception, the company’s focus has been on providing a solid and reliable infrastructure for the Bitcoin network. The company’s business scope includes working with power companies across the United States to find industry-adapted power resources, designing and rapidly building virtual coin mining farms based on local resources, and continuing to build a high-caliber operations and maintenance team to meet its own and its strategic partners’ needs for mining and miner operations and maintenance.

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The site has 31 MW load, 56 containers, and can accommodate 9,072 S19 miners.

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LB Review

Horizon Mining Review: Hosting Bitcoin Mining Sustainably


The mining industry has become heavily concentrated in the hands of large corporations due to the increasing difficulty and profitability of bitcoin mining. High-end bitcoin mining machines are required to make a profit from Bitcoin mining. These are typically expensive, and only a select few units are available at retail. These new models, which are now using ASICs instead of GPUs, are more sophisticated. Hence, hosting bitcoin mining has come up, whereby miners can have their mining equipment hosted by a third-party provider.


What is Horizon Mining?

Since Horizon Mining USA opened its doors in 2021, the company’s main objective has been to provide a reliable and secure infrastructure for the Bitcoin network.

The company’s business scope includes:

  • developing and operating crypto currency mining farms based on local resources.
  • working with power companies in the US to find suitable power resources.
  • maintaining a well-equipped maintenance and operations team.


What Does Horizon Mining Offer?

Horizon Mining proudly provides the US with the best cryptocurrency mining infrastructure.

Through their partnership with power companies, the company can find low-cost electricity capacity in the US. Horizon Mining designs and builds bitcoin mining sites that are ideal for them and their strategic partners.

The platform works closely with top mining technology companies and ASIC miner developers to explore the opportunities presented by blockchain technologies. It is also committed to developing new technologies and solutions that will help improve the efficiency and sustainability of its mining operations. 

In addition, it designs, creates, manages, and runs 10 to 50 MW capacity bitcoin mining sites.


Horizon Mining Sites

The company has two bitcoin mining sites, Georgia and Kentucky, both container sites. The Georgia site capacity is 31 MW, with 56 mining containers with a miner capacity of 9,072 S19 or similar miners. 

The Kentucky site capacity is at 9 MW with 13 Mining containers. For this one, the miner capacity is at 2,106 S19 or similar miners. Notably, both sites have an airflow cooling system.


Horizon Mining Rates

As for the rating, the minimum rate is 0.09-0.09.5$/kwh. In addition, the minimum order quantity is 150. On the site, the currently available size is 3 MW, with the future size estimated at 19-20 MW.


Benefits of Horizon Mining

Energy-efficient and sustainable: Horizon Mining has environmentally friendly cooling technologies, noise management, and modular deployment of miners.

Cutting-edge mining technologies: Horizon Mining ensures its bitcoin mining software is top-notch to ensure energy-efficient hashrate growth.

Low-cost electricity: The bitcoin mining company works with power firms to look for low-cost, high-capacity power sources throughout several states.


Final Thoughts

Horizon Mining has fully loaded containers, an indicator of their commitment to providing the best services to their crypto miners. The company has two highly secure sites to protect its customer’s equipment. It has also invested in cooling mechanisms where it has airflow cooling, and it is working on introducing hydro cooling soon.

The company provides hardware, software, and new technologies that contribute to the sustainable growth of energy-efficient, high-output, and environmentally-friendly hashrate build-up.

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    More contacts (WhatsApp/Telegram)


    +86 13701323391

    Min. rate ($/kwh)


    Min. order quantity (MOQ)


    Hosting options

    BuyHost, SendHost