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Happy Crypto Mines

California, US

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Nebraska, US

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Happy Crypto Mines wants to make Crypto Mining Accessible for Everyone. We offer small/large scale crypto mining operation consultations, able to build any scale crypto mining farms from the initial idea phase to a fully functional operation custom tailored to the investor’s needs. Additionally, we co-Location host ASIC Miners for smaller investors without the technical skills or physical space, we have various sites in Washington State, Kentucky State, New York State, and Georgia State. We also provide an all around service protection for all our customers, besides our brand new miners coming with manufacturer warranty, we offer repairs services for ASIC Miners, mining equipments, network troubleshooting, and resolve crypto mining technical issues. Our goals through this is to optimize our customers’ investments to the max.

Hosting Details

Min. rate ($/kwh)


Max. rate ($/kwh)


Min. order quantity (MOQ)


Min. contract length


Hosting options


Additional fees

Deposit, Setup, Other

Deposit of First and Last Month’s Electric, One-Time Set-Up Fee, and a Monthly Service Fee of $99.

We have on-site repairs and techs at all our sites 24/7, and a CRM Platform that we utilize for customers to keep track of their operating investments’ efficiency. Once a ASIC is down, we immediately isolate the unit from the setup and perform a diagnostic. Once the problem is found, we will immediately contact the client and inform them of all the solutions. When we receive the confirmation from the client on which solution to execute, we will expedite the process to ensure our client’s investments are back up running as soon as possible.

Facility Details

Size (MW) ⚡️


Cooling system(s)

AirFlow, Immersion

Building type(s)

Container, Warehouse

Security type(s)

Camera, Fence, Alarm

Internet type(s)


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