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    Year founded 🗓


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    5.2MW of 12MW left before December. New 3MW will be done around Jan 2023. Up to 100 MW farm will be built before 2024.

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    100MW before 2024

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    AirFlow, Water cooling(Hydro)

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    LB Review

    Despite the recent volatility in the market, Bitcoin is still one of the most popular digital currencies. However, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty, how difficult and time-consuming it is to find the right hash for each block, is skyrocketing. Coupled with high electricity charges, mining bitcoin has become increasingly difficult and less profitable. 

    This heightened intensity of mining difficulty has led to the emergence of third-party solutions that offer reliable bitcoin mining hosting services. With their advanced infrastructure and cheap electricity, miners are able to earn passive income effortlessly. 

    Taking a gander at our mining listings, Everspin stands out as a reputable bitcoin mining hosting company located in Paraguay. Even though their current capacity is 5.2MW, Everspin’s roadmap indicates that the company plans to expand to 100 MW before 2024.


    What Does Everspin Offer?

    Everspin works so miners can install their servers in their professionally-managed data center. After clients send their miners to the mining farm, Everspin installs up to 100 units per day. The company’s staff do a daily inspection, including checking temperature, monitoring the hashrate, reporting the errors, and recording the daily log to the management. 

    Management will then arrange maintenance assistance and repair requests if errors occur. The company has also implemented airflow and hydro water cooling methods for its cooling systems.

    The clients benefit from competitive energy costs, exclusive prices on repair services at an official authorized repair center, 24 hours security camera check, an armed security team to protect clients’ assets, quick response within 24 hours when an error occurs, and logistic and custom clearance support.


    Everspin Rating

    When the Bitcoin price is lower than $25,000, the charge for less than 1000 units is $0.06/kWh. On the other hand, if there are more than 1000 units, the price is $0.057/kWh.

    If the Bitcoin price is over $25,000, $0.063/kWh is charged for less than 1000 units. When there are more than 1000 units, the rate is $0.06/kWh.

    Notably, the minimum order quantity you can make is 100, with a minimum contract length of 12 months. Meanwhile, there is also a 90-day host deposit required. Users also receive a refund of a 30-day deposit annually, and the last 30-day deposit will be refunded at the end of the contract.

    Lastly, the miner setup fee is $15/per unit.


    Legal Measures

    Hosting is a matter of cost and convenience. Everspin is hence maintaining a close relationship with the local energy providers. They also have the approved relevant permission and licenses locally.


    Benefits of Hosting on Everspin


    Everspin offers 24 hours security camera checks and an armed security team to protect clients’ assets. They also have a quick response within 24 hours when an error occurs.

    Minimization of Costs

    Everspin saves you money on power, backup generators, and HVAC units. These facilities have the necessary equipment to help your servers reach their peak performance. They also have IT experts who can operate 24 hours a day.

    High Power

    With Everspin, you can access the latest hardware and the most sophisticated infrastructure. The company’s data centers are also equipped with redundant power and cooling equipment to ensure that your hardware is running at all times.


    Everspin is a bitcoin mining hosting company that allows users to save on money and time associated with mining. They are also secure and have teams to ensure that your equipment runs throughout without any issues.

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      More contacts (WhatsApp/Telegram)

      Wechat: karsonyuan /TG:@karsony/WhatsApp +1 2505889618

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      Hosting options

      BuyHost, SendHost

      Min. contract length

      12 Months