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Armenia, Hrazdan

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Since 2017 ECOS is building one of a kind bitcoin mining infrastructure in Armenia. ECOS has a data center with the capacity of 60 MW, and can be scaled up to 200 MW Full government support can provide us and our clients with the best conditions for affordable mining and hosting.

Free Economic Zone provides the best crypto mining hosting services: 0% taxes for export or import, 0% taxes for income, military guards, best partners, 100% legal business for miners, 100% stable maintenance, local maintenance center, etc.

Besides that we are providing the best client support: manage your assets and miners from your mobile app, 24/7 supervision provided by our qualified staff, simple ways of supervision of spare parts.

Hosting Details

Min. rate ($/kwh)


Min. order quantity (MOQ)


Hosting options

BuyHost, SendHost

Additional fees


Facility Details

Size (MW) ⚡️


Future Size(MW)


Cooling system(s)


Building type(s)


Energy type

Thermal power

The most secure and safe ASIC mining hosting. Our bitcoin mining hosting is full of advantages for all of your possible requests; and ready to meet your high expectations. The best conditions for your miners, round-the-clock service, 100% Up-Time, Free Economic Zone and Government support.

60 MW of affordable power can be facilitated in our data center

20 000 available spaces for ASIC units

100% uninterrupted power supply

22 000 m² – total area of hosting data center

24/7 supervision provided by qualified staff

4,8 °C average yearly temperature

LB Review

ECOS: A Bitcoin Mining App to Watch Out For


ECOS is a virtual currency investment platform developed to offer many opportunities for investors to start earning BTC. Since its start of operations in 2017, ECOS can provide convenient, safe, and simple tools for investing in the crypto landscape. 

The main focus of ECOS is bringing bitcoin mining solutions to all crypto miners and average investors. This platform is based in Armenia, at the Hrazdan Power Plant, and offers services to nearby bitcoin miners and bitcoin mining sites. 


What Services Does ECOS Offer?

The ECOS network divides its service delivery into two major subgroups. The subgroups include; 

  • The ECOS Shop
  • The Hosting  


The ECOS Shop

One of the crucial tools brought by ECOS is the shop. In this shop, bitcoin mining sites miners can access some of the best ASIC mining equipment available in the markets.

You simply need to select the ASIC mining equipment you want. The network displays the pricing of each piece of equipment. 

After selecting the device, the next process is in the hardware setup. Hardware setup means the connection of the device to the mining pool.

Afterward, ECOS promises to keep a 24/7 service on your equipment and support in case problems arise. Interestingly, the network issues a 6-month warranty for every machine purchased via the shop.



Working closely with the ECOS shop is the hosting section at ECOS. ECOS offers “the most secure and safe ASIC mining hosting.” 

The network operates in Hraztan, a region popularly known as a Free Economic Zone (FEZ). As such, ECOS charges 0% taxes on imports and exports and 0% taxes on income. Other aspects associated with this network’s hosting services include; 

  • Military guards present in the FEZs
  • 100% stable maintenance 
  • 100% legal business

Hosting and Facility Details

The network’s website displays the hosting and facility details. The details are as follows;


Power/ Mining Rate

ECOS’s facility is currently capable of providing up to 60MW of power. However, the network plans to increase the power output to 200 MW. Interestingly, the network notes that they charge a minimum of $0.075 per kWh. The main problem associated with this network is the use of Thermal power. 


Minimum Order Quantity

As provided above, this network focuses on using ASIC mining equipment. The minimum order quantity of machines is 1. This network can make 20k spaces available for ASIC miners. Hence, you can choose very many devices. 


The Hosting Options

The network supports two mining hosting options for the bitcoin mining sites: BuyHost and SendHost. BuyHost means you buy the ASIC machines from ECOS and leverage the network’s hosting services. SendHost means you purchase your machine at a different shop and send it to ECOS for hosting. 


Additional Fees

As mentioned earlier, this network offers hist hosting services in free economic zones. As such, ECOS will not be charging any additional fees for hosting. 


Constant Monitoring and Security

ECOS also offers on-site monitoring of the bitcoin mining machines and bitcoin mining software. There is a round-the-clock surveillance system installed to provide security and maintenance. ECOS has a staff of experts taking care of the devices in the mining facility. 


Investment Solutions 

Finally, ECOS has its crypto investment application. This application helps manage investors’ portfolios and different classes, including assets like BTC, ETH, USDT, and XRP. You can access the mobile application on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. 

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1 year ago
star rating :

Buying an ASIC on your own today is still a problem. At least buy with acceptable delivery times at a reasonable price. And the opportunity to buy an ASIC and place it on the ECOS platform “right now”, overpaying only about 10%, is very cool.

one sentence description
fast and convenient
Markus Allerdo
1 year ago
star rating :

Excellent hosting from ecos. I’ve been hosting my equipment with them for a few months now. Stable performance, excellent technical support and moderate maintenance fees, that’s how I would describe working with ecos.

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    Min. rate ($/kwh)


    Min. order quantity (MOQ)


    Hosting options

    BuyHost, SendHost