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Digital Bridge Mining

Nebraska, US

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Nebraska, US

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Digital Bridge Mining provides bitcoin mining colocation service. DBM offers a simple, secure, reliable, and transparent hosting service to small and large clients in our advanced U.S. data centers. All clients, whether one miner or one hundred miners, receive DBM’s white glove customer support. The management team is committed to providing the same level of care for our clients as we would expect ourselves. We also offer new mining equipment for sale to our clients through our wholesale bulk rates.

Hosting Details

Min. rate ($/kwh)


Min. order quantity (MOQ)


Min. contract length


Hosting options

BuyHost, SendHost

Additional fees

Deposit, Setup

DBM’s hosting service is a simple, transparent, all-in monthly hosting rate. We have multiple full-time techs on-site to handle most repairs if needed (PSUs, Control Boards, etc.). Chip-level repairs are sent to a trusted third-party firm. DBM will also facilitate the warranty repair process. All repairs are approved by clients before corrective action is taken. We provide around-the-clock monitoring of your miners to ensure optimal up-time. We offer 12-48 month contracts with a rate lock. Credit and debit cards are accepted for monthly hosting fees with a seamless recurring option available upon request.

Facility Details

Size (MW) ⚡️


Cooling system(s)

AirFlow, Immersion

Building type(s)

Container, Warehouse

Security type(s)

Camera, Fence, Alarm

Internet type(s)


We currently have space available in our Nebraska facility for immediate installation. The Nebraska facility operates with excellent up-time and we can install your miners within 2-3 days of receiving them. We will continue to expand capacity at our Nebraska site to accommodate existing client expansion and new clients. We are expanding our offering with a liquid immersion facility with expected deployment in 2023.

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Digital Bridge Mining: A Nebraskan Bitcoin Mining Company Doing Big Things


Digital Bridge Mining (DBM) is a mining hosting service provider based in Nebraska, United States. The network enjoyed speedy adoption in the crypto landscape since its inception in 2021. 

This mining hosting network offers a turn-key solution for every bitcoin miner. The services offered include: procuring hardware, miner hosting colocation, maintenance, and full-time support. DBM’s primary mission is to provide access to enterprise-scale bitcoin mining hosting solutions to every small and medium-sized bitcoin mining company.


What Services does DBM Provide?


DBM divides its service options into two small groups with different roles. The two include; 

  • The shop hardware
  • Hosting facilities


The Shop Hardware

Shop Hardware is DBM’s primary solution for buying mining machines. This platform provides access to some of the best mining hardware in the market. 

The shop has the latest details about every ASIC mining machine, including the watt, manufacturer, and even the crypto algorithm used. If satisfied with the details, you can contact DBM for the quote.


The Hosting Facilities

The hosting facilities page details the information concerning mining and hosting. This page mentions that DBM offers direct access to large-scale, verified, low-cost bitcoin mining colocation hosting facilities in North America. 

DBM currently supports both managed bitcoin miner hosting and full mining pod hosting. The network supports colocation facilities which help mainly offer low-cost industrial-scale Bitcoin mining solutions.


DBM’s Hosting and Facility Details 

Under their mining hosting umbrella, DBM lists critical details of their plan. These details include the requirements for hosting, as well as the facility offerings. They are as follows; 



DBM currently has 100MW of power capacity available. As such, this platform is capable of hosting a large number of machines. While they already offer massive capacity, the network is still making expansions. The network claims the capability of providing power at low industrial-scale electrical rates. The cost of power stands at $0.075. 


Minimum Order Quantity

DBM sets the minimum number of machines hosted at one miner. By setting the MOQ very low, DBM gives investors with meagre capital opportunities to benefit from mining hosting.  


Hosting options

DBM offers mining hosting options available in the markets, including SendHost and BuyHost. SendHost involves sending the mining equipment you already own to DBM for hosting. BuyHost refers to buying the machines from DBM’s shop. By providing both hosting options, DBM offers flexibility for investors.


Additional Fees

For proper mining hosting services, the network will charge some additional fees. The fees include deposit and setup fees. The deposit fees are refundable at the end of the contract period: a minimum of 12 months. 


Internet Type

DBM claims to offer reliable internet solutions for miners. This mining network uses cabled internet. 


Security and Monitoring

Security is a vital aspect of any mining hosting service provider. DBM claims to provide good on-site security, including a camera, fence, and alarm. It ensures there is 24/7 video surveillance of the site. Furthermore, DBM offers constant monitoring of the miners on-site to maximize productivity.


How to Use DBM?

You can get their contact information quickly on the webpage. After contacting them, speak with DBM’s representatives, and select and buy the bitcoin miner of your choice from the ones available. DBM will immediately work on shipping the miners and installing them at their facility based in Nebraska. Once done, you wait to earn your income. According to their website, you will receive the bitcoin rewards in your private wallet every 6 to 10 days.

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by user_3985880
1 year ago
star rating :

Great customer service, efficient communication and uptime has been killer!

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Amazing Service!
by user_100da1b
1 year ago
star rating :

I’ve been really happy with Digital Bridge Mining thus far. The uptime has been very good. It is nice to actually talk to a person when you have a question as well.

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Solid Uptime and Support
1 year ago
star rating :

I’ve been pleasantly pleased with Digital Bridge Mining so far. My miners arrived and were installed on the schedule they told me they would. Smooth process with the team over ther…

one sentence description
Great Company
1 year ago
star rating :

They had 18 of my miners up and hashing within 24hrs! Uptime has been great so far as well.

one sentence description
Fast set up!
1 year ago
star rating :

All around happy with Digital Bridge Mining. This is my first go at mining. They made the process smooth for me. Thanks.

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