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+46 10 300 29 02

Cygrids Communications is a datacenter provider which has been in business since 1997.

Cygrids provide all types of datacenter services from our two self operated datacenters in Sweden. In 2020 we’ve opened our second datacenter in the north of Sweden where electricity is alot cheaper than down south so we are able to provide favorable mining services from this datacenter

Hosting Details

Min. rate ($/kwh)

1.50 Swedish Krona /kwh (0,13$/kwh)

Min. order quantity (MOQ)


Hosting options


Min. contract length


Cygrids hosting service is a simple, flexible, all-in monthly hosting rate. You only pay for the exact electricity you consume, nothing more.

You have no setup fees, no minimum contract length and you are also allowed to turn off your machines when you want to save on electricity for example in bad times. Since we only charge for exact consumption you will not be charged the time they are offline

Facility Details

Size (MW) ⚡️


Currently available size(MW)

We have about 500 kW of free space at the moment

Future Size(MW)


Cooling system(s)


Building type(s)


Security type(s)

Camera, Fence, Alarm

Internet type(s)


LB Review

A Space and Infrastructure Adapted to Customers’ Equipment


When the Bitcoin halving event happened, many small and medium-sized crypto miners had to stop their mining operations. Owning a bitcoin mining rig at the current market prices is not profitable. Hence, there are various solutions available to address this issue. One is bitcoin mining hosting companies that provide the necessary infrastructure and management to run your mining operations.


What is Cygrids Communications

Since 1997, Cygrids Communications has provided reliable and cost-effective data center services in Sweden. Notably, the company’s two data centers are in the country.

In 2020, Cygrids Communications expanded its operations by opening a second data center in Sweden. The facility is in the north of the country. That allows them to provide even better mining services.


How it Works

Cygrids provide miners with bitcoin mining sites in Sweden. The company manages the operations of its servers, but it also needs a secure environment that can handle high availability. They provide monitoring and management of its applications and operating systems.

It currently has a size of 2 MW with a future size of 5MW. They also have about 500 kW of free space at the moment. 

As an entrepreneur, you can spend little money on cooling and other infrastructure upgrades to get the most out of your co-location hosting. With Cygrids, you get all the necessary equipment for your computer operation. You have access to the infrastructure designed for optimal computer operation as a customer. It only requires you to spend a little money on cooling and other equipment. 

Communication connections are also important when it comes to choosing a co-location. Since Cygrids is a neutral data center, it can terminate local operators in Sweden. As a customer, you should be able to connect to your devices through the “Console.”


Bitcoin Mining Hosting on Cygrids



The data centers at Cygrids have redundant power and airflow cooling supplies. The company built them with high-quality computer halls that provide excellent fire and burglary protection. They use BGP4 to connect all the data centers to the Internet.


Disaster management

With Cygrids, you can build and monitor an effective disaster recovery plan that addresses the various concerns of your IT infrastructure. The platforms use their data centers and have experienced staff members who can help you manage your operations.


Cygrid Rating

With Cygrids, you only pay for energy consumed (kwh). Security and remote assistance are part of the service fee charged. Notably, the charges are 1.5 SEK Per kWh for the miners.


Growth rate

As your business grows, Cygrids will be able to adapt to your needs and provide you with the services that you need. For instance, their Co-Location service is a basic package that will allow you to manage your location.


Features of Cygrid’s Mining Co-Location

  • Cygrid protects all your bitcoin miners behind a firewall
  • All miners share one or more external IPV4 and IPV6
  • You securely connect to your miners via a VPN
  • Your miners automatically receive IP addresses in a controlled manner
  • You can always contact a technician if you need help
  • Connection, cabling, and start-up included free of charge
  • Your miners are placed on isolated VLAN
  • Alarm handling and escalation


Final thoughts

Through a combination of equipment and facilities, Cygrids allows companies and individuals to operate their mining operations in an environment designed to meet their needs. The company’s data center is built to provide high levels of energy and security for its mining equipment and bitcoin mining software. The package includes all the usual services required for running a bitcoin mining operation.

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    More contacts (WhatsApp/Telegram)

    Phonenumber:+46 10 300 29 00

    Min. rate ($/kwh)


    Min. order quantity (MOQ)


    Hosting options


    Min. contract length

    1 Months