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Michigan, US

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Michigan, US

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We are a premier hosting service located in the cool climate of Michigan, USA. We strive to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers, so you can enjoy mining without any of the headaches. Our mission is to help usher in a new generation of trusted, reliable hosting companies that the mining community can rely on. If you’re looking to start mining, or just want to learn more, please reach out and we’ll be happy to connect.

Hosting Details

Min. rate ($/kwh)


Max. rate ($/kwh)


Min. order quantity (MOQ)


Min. contract length


Hosting options

BuyHost, SendHost

Additional fees

Setup, Deposit

We require a hosting deposit of first+last month for all contracts. The last month deposit is refunded at the end of term. For hosting only clients we also require a service fee per machine to cover the cost of infrastructure.

We offer smart billing so you only pay for the actual kWh your machines use each month. That way you only pay us for the time you’re actually mining! Other hosting features include: real-time miner monitoring and alerting, automated room temperature monitoring and alerting, overclocking firmware and tuning, and NO CURTAILMENT. We offer in-house repair services for fan/PSU replacement. For more advanced repairs we allow you to ship your machine to the repair shop of your choosing.

Facility Details

Size (MW) ⚡️


Cooling system(s)


Building type(s)


Security type(s)

Physical, Fence, Camera

Internet type(s)


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