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Release Requirements

Can be plug-and-play within 30 days with a minimum 3-5MW customer capacity (750-1250 miners)

Quantities: 750-1250

Model: S19

Requirements: US

Requirements to electric cost: $0.065


1.Immediate to within 30 days plug-n-play capable

2.Minimum 3-5MW availability(750 to 1250 miners).Needs a total of 30+MW

3.Sub $0.065/kWh

4.Need to be 80% renewables/green energy sources

5.Limit set-up costs to 3-month’s deposit and a ine time set-up and installation fee

6.Use of firmware and monitoring software

7.Physical site visit

One customer

Email Contact

20 s19 100T Looking for hosting site

Quantities: 20

Model: S19 100T

Requirements: South American sites

Requirements to electric cost: 0.05-0.07


Hoping to find a hydroelectric power station with stable power and accepting site visits.
or video call.

There are now 20 units running at the US site, and at the end of the year the hosting contract expires.
More machines will be coming due next year.


Phone Contact

Mr. Huang

Quantities: 150

Model: S19

Requirements: Near Chicago,US

Requirements to electric cost: $0.06-$0.08


Looking for a hosting company near Chicago

Introduction: 150 brand new S19  looking for hosting space.

Mr. Huang

Email Contact


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